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15 Minimum wage

15 nights Min stay for Bnb's

Referendum for Change!



Helen Rosenthal NYC Council Member Chair of Contracts

Open Door Policy for illegal aliens



Dougy Greibel NYS Restaruant Association and Columbus BId VP Top Helen Rosenthal Supporter and Anti Living        Residing at Bway/89th st and Newton CT

NYC unemployment 8.9 %

according to NYS Senator Hoylihan

Hippy Junior League

Shall horses run upon the rock? will one plow there with oxen? for ye have turned judgment into gall, and the fruit of righteousness into hemlock: Amos 6 12

3 million illegal aliens in NY .. almost half of all residents, This writer encourages some migration from poor countries maybe 500k-1 million range not 3 million

We Need MOney!!! paypal us 2000 for equipment 2000 for development

would be nice... If you dont give to your church give to us God will bless you

your so cheap and rotten


State Senator Owen Johnson from Babylon NY

ALEC President for NYS

Miss West 70s

PFNAE Grover Norquist free market for immigrant labor group.

Backed by billionaires Micheal Bloomberg  S.K.A "the Turltle" and Bill Rudin  see Grover is shadow of Chuck Schumer and With Dennis Kucinich

(new slave party imho)

Mark Zuckerberg is paid so much it distorts CEO pay studies

Michael Bloomberg , enforcer , fraud , wanted in several countries for crimes against humanity related to 9.11  Member of rabbi Posners Temple Emmanual seen above with Ray "the snake" Kelly 

Rabbi Posner resides at 200 east 71rs st in Building owned By John Milton Freidman

R Posners says 1980 110 weddings a year now 30

Shame ladies shame on you

Ted Potrikus (l) Top Lobbyist with Retail Council of NYS , Top Donor to Owen Johnson, and State Senator Scott (r)Stringer AKA Senator Linda Rosenthal

Sharpton Supporter

Bill Lynch , Lobbyist Retail , wholesale and department store union

Very Silly Girls

Amy Goodmans DemocracyNOw long time recipient  of CIA monies funnelled through FORD FOUNDation see link

yes this link is website

Create disinformation through useless unactionable news i.e.

female genital mutilation in itrea

Minimum Wage for family of 4 is $130K per year

solution free subways free wifi and cable , free health care

free college, subsidized housing and food free vacations bill rudin bloom pay for it it or to pay taxes they dodged free gas and electric

free water



Supports theory that in CIA once a company man always a company man. CiA agent Edward Snowden never left CIA was mearly sending information and disinformation to Russians , The war on terror was slowing down , profits were down miltiary restless 

By reveling secrets he was able to help terrorist better equip themselves for more terror. To make way for more Drone warfare principly

Theory of confilicts of interests supports this

Similar to US passing on atomic bomb secrets to soviets to create an arms race or better a cash cow rosenbergs and others

Hank Sheinkopf Top Lobbyist NY Restaurant

Association and killer of living wage bill in albany

newly ordained rabbi

residing at 755 W End Ave

oh no please ..dont do it ..sigh


NYC most unhappy people in america according to CBS

Min Wage is closely linked to changing demographics IMHO, look at 1980 when reagan/Koch ended it and NYC white population. In the short term it may cause some dislocation for the lowest skilled non white workers but in the long run it keeps the middle class vibrant and in reach of the American dream , this also helps lower skilled workers ofcourse,

Guilini Koch Bloomberg have ofcourse destryoyed this Goy fantasy along with Obama, Schumer

Nadler Brewer C Virginia Feilds Charles Baron

Steve Leasman I have a firecraker to place in YOU

Woodside Queens perfect example of the slave racist Koch Doctrine, he should be remmebered as the Slave Mayor. Koch is also  the Mayor to block NYPD from arresting  illegal aliens

Sad GWB suicide record

A record number of people committed suicide last year by jumping off the George Washington Bridge.

Eighteen people plunged to their deaths from the 212-foot-high span in 2012, compared with the previous high of 13 jumpers in 2010, Port Authority records reveal.




Contact us anytime with any questions or concerns you may have. Or just drop us a line, telling us your experiences with minimum wage,and why you agree with and support us in this fight!

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